Maximized Power List

This is a complete list of all powers affected by the Maximize Power Feat. If the power is not listed in here, you are free to ask me (maybe I overlooked it) but most likly it is not affected. This only affects powers that involve die rolls after the power is manifested. They are basically in two list, those that are completly maximized and those that are simply improved.

Truly Maximized Powers.

Control Flame: May maximize or minimize damage rolled, as desired.
Cryokinesis: Cold damage is always maxed.
Molecular Agitation: Heat Damage is always maxed.
Psychic Blade: The d6 always rolls 6.
Death Field: Against an insect swarm, each point sacrificed deals 12dmg to swarm.
Life Draining: All d6 roll a 6.
Dimension Blade: The d6 always rolls 6.
Id Insinuation: Every failed save results in 4 rounds of being stunned.
Mind Thrust: All lost powers take 12 days to come back.
Psychic Crush: The d8 always rolls 8.

Improved by Maximize Power Feat.

These would be overpowered if they were truly maximized. Usually it involves 1d6/level or something like that. They are usually allowed some sort of reroll if they wish, but must always take the second result, even if its worse then the first.

Static Discharge and Improved Static Discharge: May reroll 1’s.
Ballistic Attack: No bonus to the d20 attack roll but may reroll 1’s on damage.
Ultrablast: May reroll the d20 for grapple, and reroll 1’s for damage.
Molecular Bonding: May reroll the 20 check.
Probability Manipulation: May reroll the d100 if desired.
Detonate: May reroll the d10 if desired.
Disintegrate: May reroll 1’s.
Nerve Manipulation: May reroll 1’s.
Planer Transposition: May reroll 1’s.
Summon Planer Energy: May reroll 1’s.
Mindflame: May reroll 1’s.

Maximized Power List

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