Craft Crystal Capacitor

These are the rules and guidelines for psionics crafting crystals to help increase their psionic potential. This is the only psionic crafting in my campaigns. There are no psoinically enchated swords or rings out there.


This is how to cut gemstones. The rules work the same regardless if the stone will be used for a psionic purpose or just to look pretty. This explanation assumes it is a psion.

First psion must get ahold of raw ore or uncut gemstones in some what. Then we will roll 1d100 twice and take the higher result. Note: If the psion has the Craft Crystal Capacitors Feat then psion also rolls a gemcutting check and adds it to the 1d100 roll. There is no bonus for going over 100. 100 is the best possible result. Then we look at the result on page 55 of the DMG. Once we have our final number we roll the random value die twice and take the best result. What we have at this point is the uncut gemstones “potential”.

Example: We roll d100 twice (possibly adding a gemstone check if psion has the Feat) and lets say our end results are 43 and 73. We take the 73 because it is higher. We look on page 55 and see that a 73 results in 2d4 x 100gp. Now we roll 2d4 twice and end up with a 4 and a 7. We again take the higher result which nets us a uncut gemstone potentially worth as much as 700gp.

Once the potential is determined it will take one day (8 hours of uninterupted work) per every 1000gp worth of potential. So a 700gp will take one day. The psion will need access to a workshop and tools wortth at least 1000gp to work on the gemstone. Neither the workshop nor tools ever decline in value just by working with them so they should be a one time expense. A crafter can capture 100gp worth of potential for every 1 on the check. So to fully capture a 700gp gem the psion needs to roll a DC 7. If the result is less then 7 then the gem is cut and is worth the lesser number, it may not be retried. So if the psion only rolls a total of 5 then he has a 500gp gemstone now. Gemstones may only be sold for half value unless the market dictates otherwise.

Empowering Cyrstals

Lets assume our psion was successful and rolled at least a 7 and now has a 700gp gemstone. IMMEDIATLY upon completing the gem the psion must charge it. A gemstone may hold 1PSP for every 10gp worth of value so a 700gp gem would hold up to 70PSP. If the psion doesnt have 70PSP then the excess is lost unless the psion has a power or ability that allows him to instantly have access to more PSP. There is no roll or check needed to empower gems, simply having the Feat is enough. Once a cyrstal is charged with PSP it can never be recharged, they are only one-time containers. In addition once a gem has been charged with psionics no merchant or trader has any interest in it. Any nonpsionic will regard the gemstone as worthless rock or glass as no value. A psionic who concentrates for a few rounds will know what it is and may offer value accordeingly. Basically you cant sell the gem once there are only a few points left in it. Once all points are used the gem crumbles to worthless dust.

A gem may also be empowered with a psionic power that ayone may use. The gem will not crumple to dust but no nonpsionic will treat it as valuable simply for its worth. A gem must be worth at least 1000gp per every penalty to the power score. So a Wis-3 power needs a gem worth at least 3000gp to hold it. A gem has the ability to activate its held power 3/day and maintain it for up to 5 rounds each activation. Gem uses the holders stats for the powerscore rolls. If holder fails a power score check then it still counts as a use for the day.

Example: ESP is a Wis-4 power. The gemstone needs to be worth at least 4000gp and the psion crafting must know the power ESP and have the Feat Craft Crystal Capacitors. If al those conditions are met then the psion may empower the crystal. Now whomever holds the gem may activate its power up to three times per day and hold it up to 5 rounds every time. The holder must use their wisdom score, not the original creators. If the power check roll fails then it still counts as one of the 3 uses for the day. If the check succeeds but holder doesnt concentrate the full five rounds then the extras are lost.

Unlike magical items, psionic crystals have no extra protection. They can be broken as easily as normal gemstones. This will Daze any psionic in the area for 1 round and just give everyone else a slight headache, no big boom. The crystals do not glow for Detect Magic thow psionic detection spells and powers show them. Identify or similar magic will tell nonpsions what powers these gems have, though nonpsions are not likely to bother picking them up upon discovering them as they perceive them as worthless. Psions will know just by concentrating on them a few rounds.

Craft Crystal Capacitor

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