Psionic Feats

Most of these feats are adaptations of Feats found in the 3.0 edition Psionic Handbook. I was so disappointed with it and the way psionics were handled that after looking through the update in 3.5 I decided to ditch the 3.X system entirely and use my own. Comparing the editions I found that multiplying 3rd edition power cost by 4 a pretty good substitute.

This is will be updated as needed.

Aura of the Mentalist. Prerequisite Battlemind, Psionic Dodge, Improved Inertial Armor, Mind Surge, and 40PSP.
Grants +2 more to dodge, neither attack nor power suffer the -5 penalty, +6 to Inertial Armor Bonus, bonus for Mind Surge and Psychic Bastion doubles, and whenever damaged by a nonreach melee weapon, automatically deals Wis modifier damage to attacker. Any feature that gives creature an extra standard action (such as Haste) can be either a attack at highest BAB or psionic power as normal.

Battlemind. Prerequisite at least 2 Attacks per round
Psion can manifest a power at the same time they attack melee. Only 1 melee attack and one power per round however. Either the attack or the power suffers a -5 penalty, Psions choice but must be declared before the roll is made.

Combat Manifestation.
A psionic version of Combat Casting. Grants +8 on Concentration checks inside of combat situations.

Craft Crystal Capacitor. Prerequisite 9th level.
Needed to create psionic crystals. The only psionic crafting feat in my campaigns. Its not very complex but still gets its own small page.

Disarm Mind. Prerequisite Mental Adversary.
When dealing Wis damage through Mental Adversary can also deal PSP damage equal to Wis mod x 8. This cost another 12 PSP to first attack (so 24 + initial power). Or may deal Wis mod damage to spellcasting levels. So a + 4 Wis mod would mean that in addition to the original power and the Wis damage, will also lose 4 spell levels.

Dr Who. Prerequisite 10 PSP points in reserve.
This feat can only be taken by a psion who has chosen Pshycoportation as their main Discipline. With this feat, whenever a TIme Power is being activated ( Time Dilation or Time Duplicate ) the psion may roll every die roll twice and always take the better result. If the psion would not normally be allowed to roll die such as ( Time Safety or Time Shift ) then the psion may designate one target to get the two die rolling benefit. Finally the psion can now use Time/Space Anchor to stop a creature from teleporting on its own violation but they are allowed a saving throw.

Enlarge Power. Metapsionic 4PSP in reserve
Doubles the range of all powers. Doesn’t cost anything extra. If the power has extra penalties due to range, penalties are halved.

Extend Power. Metapsionic 4PSP in reserve
First two Maintenance cost of all powers are free. Doesn’t cost anything.

Inner Strength.
Gain +4 PSP. Feat can be taken multiple times. Each time the PSP gained increase and add to previous total rather then replacing them. 2nd time = + 8 PSP, 3rd = + 16, 4th = + 25, every time after + 50. So if a psion takes this feat 5 times they get 4 + 8 + 16 + 25 + 50 = 103 PSP just from the feats alone!

Greater Power Penetration. Prerequisite Power Penetration
Bonus to break through PR and SR increases to +4.

Greater Psionic Focus. Prerequisite Psionic Focus.
Bonus is increased to +4 in same discipline.

Hide Power. Metapsionic 4PSP in reserve
No longer have to look at target to effect him. Or even have line of sight simply knowing where he is, is good enough.

Inertial Armor 4PSP in reserve
As long as psion has at least 4 PSP in reserve, grants a invisible forcefield that gives +4 AC. Does not protect against touch or flatfooted.

Improved Inertial Armor. Prerequisites Inertial Armor 4PSP in reserve
AC stays the same but now protects against touch and flatfooted, even asleep or unconscious! Grants 25% fortification.

Maximized Power. Metapsionic 18PSP in reserve
For most powers, if it involves rolling dice to determine damage or effect, always rolls maximum dice. The full list is here in Maximized Power List. Doesn’t cost anything.

Mental Adversary. Wis 13+
When using any of the five psionic attack modes, may pay an extra 12 PSP to deal a point of Wis damage. If target succeeds in the save vs the initial power, Wis damage is negated. Must spend extra PSP when manifesting initial power.

Mental Leap. Wis 13+, 6 ranks in jump, 12 PSP in reserve.
May add ranks in Jump and Knowledge Psionics when jumping.

Mind Surge. Prerequisite Psychic Bastion
Whenever making a successful saving throw vs a spell, spell like effect, or psychic power, gain either hp ot PSP equal to the level of the effect saved against.

Persistent Power. Metapsionic, Prerequisite Extend Power, 22PSP in reserve
First 5 rounds of maintenance on all powers is free.

Power Penetration.
Psion gains +2 on rolls to break through psionic or spell resistance.

Psionic Body. Prerequisite must be 1st level
Use Wis to determine extra hp per level. Also gain an extra 1 hp whenever getting a new metapsionic feat. Hp cap still determined by Con score however.

Psionic Catch. Prerequisite Psionic Shot, 20 PSP
If aware of a missile attack coming towards you, may make a Reflex DC 20 attempt to grab it out of the air. Only works 1/ round.

Psionic Dodge. Prerequisite Dex 13+, Dodge, 20PSP in reserve
Dodge bonus increases to + 3 when at least 20PSP in reserve.

Psionic Focus.
+2 to DC of all saves with one selected Discipline.

Psionic Exchange. Metapsionic 4PSP in reserve
1/day may change out a Fort or Ref save with a Will save. Psion counts as having both Evasion and Mettle (successful save equals no effect) for this one time.

Psionic Melee. 12PSP in reserve
Add Wis bonus to melee damage.

Psionic Shot. Prerequisite Dex 13+ , Point Blank Shot, 12 PSP in reserve
Add Wis bonus to physical missile damage

Psychic Bastion. 12PSP in reserve
Gain 1 DR when at least 12 PSP in reserve. Stacks with any other DR.

Speed of Thought. Prerequisite Wis 13+, run skill 6 ranks, 4PSP in reserve
Can add ranks of Run and Knowledge Psionics together when running. Base speed is now 10 better.

Talented. Prerequisite Inner Strength.
Pick three of the 0 Level Powers as long as psion has at least 4 PSP remaining they can access any of these powers as a standard action as often as they wish. No roll needed and no save allowed. SR may still apply however.

Telepathic Jedi. Prerequisite Telepathy as primary Discipline.
The IC cost of Contact and Mass Contact is halved (min 1). Also the Power Score penalties of Contact and Mass Contact is halved (round up). The IC of Mindlink is free and the MC of Mindlink is only 4/rnd. This feat is really a must for serious telepaths.

Twin Power. Metapsionic 32PSP in reserve
As long as psion would still have at least 32 PSP in reserve even after second manifesting; psion may duplicate a power effect done the previous round. He must pay the same cost he paid previously and no rolls are needed. The exact same effects happen again. If there is a target and they failed the saving throw the previous round, they automatically fail again and the effect repeats.

Psionic Feats

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