His First Wish

Marsharr was rapidly going through his options in his head. He had already tested the fake mayor for that thrice damned reverse backstab enchantment those cowardly spellslinger types were so dependent on and knew that the beholder was as vulnerable as it ever would be. If a magic spewing monster that just succeeded in trapping a powerful demons soul inside of it could be said to be vulnerable. The creature had three of its eyestalks dedicated just to finding him and knew it would only be a matter of time before it succeeded, a very short matter. It was really hard to hide from a pure eyeball monster and was taking all his intense skill and training to keep out of its vision.

Blackmoon had gone down first, of course. Even now the statue of the elf/cat creature was weighing down the carpet, pulling Thokul and Bojack back into the floating mass of poisonous gas that was coating the ground floor. He couldn’t see Oddball but knew the crazy monk was in that miasma somewhere. Marhsarr kept moving, flying around the rafters and keeping well clear of the floor. His necklace should protect him from the sickening gases but who knew where demons where concerned. Plus the damned beholder could turn off all his magic by just looking at him and he didn’t want to risk it.

As if thinking of the insane monk had summoned him, jumping a clear twenty feet up from the poison fog the man leaped outand grasped the beholder, trying to get a grip on an eyestalk to begin wailing on the creature up close and personal. But the man couldn’t find a purchase and Marsharr knew magic had to be involved as Oddballs hand slipped and he fell gracefully back to the floor.

The ten point landing didn’t help him much when the creature turned an eye on him and a blast of crimson red shot out and hit him dead center in the chest. For a moment everyone saw his skeleton blazing through his skin and what looked like a million or more scars crisscrossing his entire body glowed like fault lines on a map. It lasted a second and amazingly the monk didn’t turn to a pile of ash. Though judging from the smoke rising from his whole body it had been close. Oddball groaned and sank to one knee.

The carpet landed and uselessly holding his breath against the poison gas Thokul muscled the statue of Blackmoon off the carpet while Bojack took control of it mentally and brought it back out of the poison mist to once again do battle with the beholder eye to eye ……… to eye to eye to eye …. anyway you get the point.

Marshar wondered again about his choices to fight, flee, or maybe even join sides. After all he had heard something about this other faction having superior baked goods and he had found in his time in Cauldron that he did have something of a sweet tooth, though he tried to hide it. He saw out of the corner of his eye Polk had manage to climb out of the poison mist on to the rafters and was scribbling furiously in that ridiculous journal of his. He was shaking his head in dismay while managing to misspell about every possible word. Truly a master of his craft.

Marsharr decided to try to take out the beholder from directly above when he almost changed his mind again. The beholder simultaneously hit Thokul with a beam of yellow that sent the paladin crashing to the carpet snoring uproarisly while hitting Bojack with a rather evil beam of the darkest black. So black it was almost anti-light. Bojack hit the carpet hard and seemed to shiver for a moment and for some reason Marsharr was reminded of that potion Blackmoon had made that they had all drunk together. But the half dragon shook his head and regained his feet.

The tinker a statue, the paladin snoring away, the psionic barely scraping by and the monk only hanging to the edge of conciseness Marsharr prepared his body for a mighty spring. His brain asked if that spring was to be at the monster or at the exit and Marsharr told his brain to shut up, he hadn’t quite gotten that far yet.

Combat seemed to pause as another entered the battlefield. A twelve foot tall humanoid made of crimson skin with Arabic clothing and fire tracing along his floating limbs poured out of the brass lamp Oddball was holding. The beholder Vhalantru turned a few extra eyestalks towards the newest creature.

“Yes what is it?” the genie asked annoyed, then he looked at the state of the gnomepacks and the creature they were fighting and seemed genuinely pleased at what he found. He especially smiled at the ruined state Oddball was in.

Oddball forced himself to straighten up, looked the genie right in the eye, impressive since it is twice his height. And said in a eldery ladies voice he had been speaking in the last half hour “I wish for you to destroy the beholder and the demon inside without hurting me or my allies.”

Klaos looked surprised by this request and grinned menacingly. Almost everyone in the room could see the wheels turning I the genies eyes on how to make this as bad for Oddball as possible. However the beholder knew it would turn out worse for him and he quickly started to rotate himself back around to bring his huge antimagic eye to bear on the genie.

Klaos cursed in genie, he didn’t know what would hurt worse, an antimagic ray poured directly on him or being unable to fulfil a actual wish made by his lampbearer but he wasn’t prepared to find out. “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND!” he yelled. Calling out quickly words that had power from a time before Shar and Selune had been enemies, Klaos sent raw magic out towards the mayor of Cauldron and his demodand prisoner.

The Tarterus ritual had created a rift between the planes that had bound the Shator demodand to the beholder Vhalantru. Klaos grabbed that rift and tore it open with the magic power of the most powerful enchantment that only a wish asked by a lampbearer can command. Klaos opened up the portal to Carceri, ripping apart the body of the beholder and utterly destroying the powerful extraplaner creature that had been housed withen.

“The beholder is slain and may only be restored to life with the most powerful of magics. The shator demodand is utterly destroyed my master.” Klaos said bowing slightly to Oddball. The group and genie looked at the portal to Carceri, now floating open and bare in the room they were standing in. The genie grinned again “Your wish is my command” he said much gentler and then slowly misted his way back into the lamp the stunned Oddball was holding.

Polk hopped down from the rafters, shaking his head at a champion of Tyr, sleeping on the job when there was a proper evil monster to fight. He looked at the floating portal and at each still conscious, fleshy member left standing, even find Marsharr hidden by the ceiling. “Well, you’ve gone and done it now.”

His First Wish

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