This is a unique page to the Chult campaign. This is upgrades that can be done to the backpack carrying Gunzo around on a regular basis.

As it stands this is a basic backpack that Gunzo sits in much like a pursedog. It has the advantages of providing + 4 cover bonus to Gunzo from an enemy attacking from the front that is trying to bypass his carrier (typically Blackmoon). It also has the roleplaying advantage of making him a less desirable target. Unintelligent or base instinct creatures will typically ignore him in favor of other targets while more advanced enemies will usually ignore him until he proves himself a viable threat. The only downside at this point is that a single target electrical spell (shocking grasp, electrical orb, etc) that hits one part of team backpack will hit both, but this has yet to come into play.

However Gunzo is a tinker and a gnome at that and it would be ridicules to think that this backpack would stay unmodified for long. Under careful criticism against hair cutting implements or hydraulic silly string dispensers, or other gnomish devices, here is a list and way to upgrade team backpack.

First of all the hard rules. The Backpack currently stands alone at DC 5 as it is right now. A backpack tough enough to withstand adventures and combat unless the item itself is the target of the attack. Other then that it is a normal functioning backpack. To upgrade 200gp must be paid per +1 DC that is going to try to be added to the backpack. Remember that in Jazidrune prices for creating items is halved due to all the gnomish devices and tools that are already at your disposal, so the price is basically 100gp per DC for the foreseeable future. In addition the money may be Scavenged as per the normal scavenge rules. The Search check is the same as the Craft Technology check Gunzo is trying to reach on his newest backpack update.

Not all updates need to be made at once. In fact Gunzo will probably update his backpack multiple times during his career, making a new harder DC check each time. While a improvement may be removed later if Gunzo wishes, it will not decrease the difficulty or cost so there is little point in removing a bonus.

For example, Gunzo is going to try to Add + 1 to his AC as his first improvement. That is a + 5 DC. So he must pay 1000gp unless he is going to be in Jazidrune the whole time, in which case the cost is 500gp. The total DC check he is trying to make is Craft DC 10 ( 5 for base and + 5 for the AC bonus) So he may try to scavenge some money at a Search check DC 10. Then he must pay the remainder and make a Craft check DC 10. If he makes it then he now has a + 1 to his AC while in the backpack.

Next he is going to add Quickdraw to the backpack which is a + 10 DC. So his total check is now DC 20. Cost is either 2000gp or 1000gp depending on whether he is in the gnome fortress or not. Scavenge is DC 20. Craft is DC 20. If successful then both Gunzo and whomever is carrying him have the Quickdraw feat as long as Gunzo is in the backpack being carried.

The DC is obviously very easy at the beginning but will quickly get difficult further on. The DC is 111 to get every upgrade I have created so far and that’s not counting the joke gnomish invention at the bottom. So be careful because while the first couple of upgrades will almost be gimmies, the rest will soon be hard-earned.

Gunzo will need a workshop worth 100gp per DC he is trying to achieve. So to make a DC 30 backpack the workshop must be worth at least 3000gp. As usual the workshop value doesn’t decrease when building. It takes 1 day per DC that is being attempted to being added, not the total DC of the backpack. So adding a + 5 modifier to a already DC 25 backpack only takes 5 days, not 30. Cobble may be used to reduce the time. One last thing is ONCE A ATTEMPTED UPGRADE IS FAILED IT MAY NEVER BE RETRIED!!! So you need to plan and choose wisely.

Ok so on to the goddies. The first group only helps Gunzo regardless who is carrying him.

+ 5: + 1 AC to Gunzo
+ 10: +2 AC to Gunzo
+ 2: A Escape hatch is built in allowing for Gunzo to slide out as a quick action
+ 2: Allows Gunzo to turn 360 degrees without detaching, seeing behind his carrier
+ 15: Attaches automated hands that act as the Rapid Reload Feat. Stacks if Gunzo purchases Rapid Reload
+ 5: Becomes airtight and watertight, enough air for Gunzo to breath for 4 hours

Since it is Team backpack, a lot of upgrades help Gunzo and whomever his carrier is

+ 2: Needs an extra attacker to flank Team Backpack
+ 5: Needs two extra attackers to flank Team Backpack
+ 5: Grants Uncanny Dodge to Team Backpack
+ 10: Grants Improved Uncanny Dodge to Team Backpack
+ 10: Gives Quickdraw Feat to Team Backpack with option of shared inventory
+ 2: Electrical damage wont transfer from one member of Team Backpack to another
+ 5: Allows Gunzo to cover and the backpack to appear ordinary + 20 Disguise checks
+ 5: Backpack is fireproof, + 2 to fire saves to Team Backpack

Since it is usually Blackmoon carrying Gunzo, a few bonus’s only work with Grave as the carrier. These are cheaper, easier and pretty powerful but be wary, if anyone other then Grave carries Gunzo, these upgrades don’t work.

+ 5: Gunzo gets DR 5 from Blackmoon
+ 15: Gunzo gets DR 10 from Blackmoon (doesnt stack with the 5 DR one)
+ 5: Team Backpack gains See Invisibility as long as both have the Smoking Eye template
+ 5: Team Backpack gains Scent 10’

Finally while it is subject to alteration a minor gnomish design such as serving warm beverages, auto tooth brushing, warmed seat cushion massagers, steam powered fingernail painters, or auto solar powered sunglasses, or any other crazy thing Gunzo wants to add to his backpack is generally a + 2 DC


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