Trials of Chult

Bad Dreams

Written by Marsharr

Today I was taking a leisurely stroll through town (we’ll ignore the part of being captured by slavers and tied to a blue man and elven woman) when a pale man, elf, and a cloaked figure disrupted me. My goal was to get inside the slaver headquarters and figure out what happened to my mother. The disruption gave me a chance to participate in one of my favorite past time activities of killing human slavers. Malar would be happy that I found a group that was very capable of killing the weak slavers.

Apparently the tied up elven woman knew the cloaked figure and they helped us leave town (honorably of course). We headed up to a hilltop where the woman had buried her equipment. It was somewhat amusing watching her stumble around looking for the buried treasure when the burial spot was so easy to see. She handed the pale man some wand. The elven woman and cloaked woman left us on the hilltop. Apparently the pale man and elf were on some quest, so I decided to travel with them for a while. It’s hard passing up the opportunity to explore areas of the jungle where I have never been.

We had to figure out how to travel south. The only logical conclusion was to steal a ship and sail south. We ended up stealing some noble fishing vessle named the Drunken Whore. It was later renamed to the Drunken Slut. The elf wasn’t amused by the name. It seemed like this name made the blue man’s balls bluer, if that is possible. We headed south for a few days until we came across a small fishing village. During our journey we say the Mezzra Ruins. Apparently the city had fallen recently, however the growth made it seem like it had fallen hundreds of years ago. We reached the small fishing village. The pale man agreed to loan me 200 gold in order to purchase equipment. He muttered about some favor, but I just ignored that. We ended up running into some desperate and pathetic man (Uriel). Apparently he was looking for some to guide him to Enur. I mentioned that our group could take him there and I would be his guide. He bought us passes on some ship and we headed south. Half way through our journey we were attacked by some sea creatures. They boarded the ship and we quickly dispensed of them. The ship made it to its destination and we departed later that night. It took a few days to get to Enur. We ran into some small complications along the way, but made it safetly.

Along the way we encountered some rather large ants. We were trying to reach a river and the ants were blocking our path. The queen was having the aunts block us in and who knows what their plan was if they succeeded. We broke through one of the lines, however they kept coming. The queen entered the battlefield and we were able to injure her critically. The pale man was able to kill her as she tried to escape in the air. The ants started behaving erratically once the queen was dead. We travelled along the river and tried to avoid ants that we came across. Eventually we were able to explore the ant mound and discover some sort of larvae. We harvested the larvae and queen and headed on our way.

During the journey we heard a large dinosaur in the distance and the elf and pale man went to check it out. Later the elf mentioned that the pale man picked up some gem from a shrine to some serpent god. We woke up in the morning and felt tired and unrested. Everyone had horrible nightmares. My character wouldn’t know the following: Apparently the dinosaur was trying to get to the shrine, but couldn’t get through some barrier that the gem created. The pale man managed to steal the gem and escaped by running around a tree and then disappearing from the dinosaur.

We later discovered a yellow shrine that we touched and it made us feel rested.

We finally made it to Erun and toured the city for a while. I was finally able to purchase some equipment. The shops had a variety of magical gear. We later met up with Uriel and he paid us the rest of our payment. He asked us to deliver a message to Cauldron. Everyone shopped and then night came. The pale man asked if I could open some box for him. I opened the box and found Wolfbane inside. We sealed the box up and took it to the drop off location. I had horrible dreams again.

The journey to Cauldron was easy and we made it through the gates. The guards made it seem like Cauldron is civilized, but we shall see



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