The year is 1371 Dale Reckoning

Deep in the depths of the peninsula of Chult lies a inactive volcano that has been turned into the city of Cauldron. It is from here that our adventurers make their way out to new and more and more terrible dangers. Still, it is safer in Cauldron then the depths of the jungle. Wildcats, dinosaurs, wicked magics, and foul beast rule the untamed regions of the wilderness. Lost civilizations from thousands of years ago still hide dangers and primitive savages of all species strive to carve out a small home for themselves here. In the northern reaches civilization reaches into Chults bounty of exotic plants and spices unknown anywhere else. Settlers of a dozen kingdoms spring up villages and hamlets trying to expand their kingdoms and carve out new homes. But the dangers that call the jungle home are not letting go without a fight.

The worst enemy is the jungle itself. Flash flood rains, dizzying heights that lead to subterranean depths with nothing but razor sharp bushes between. Poisonous plants, quicksand, and hallucinogenic gases dot the landscape. The marshland section seems to almost move on its own accord and all manner of beast blend into the natural environment. More active volcanoes call Chult home then the rest of Toril combined and deadly ash can spew out with only a moments notice. Earthquakes drop trees on unwary travelers and deadwood hides dozens of unknown deadly insects. There are more poisons and diseases native to Chult then anywhere else and the heat can roast men inside metal armor. Mosquito swarms and giant bugs crawl the land while prehistoric monsters fill its seas and lakes.

And due to all this, these tyranny of land vs mortals, unknown and unseen forces plot world changing events hidden in the backdrop of the jungles lifeblood. But one individual will find out what is going on and how to stop it. One being knows no fear and challenges even the most impossible odds with confidence of good will triumph. But Polk the Teamster cannot handle this task alone. He will seek out a group of bold and daring heros, new names to add to the legends he has already taught that will shake both the heavens and hells with their exploits.

It all began ………… on a ship.

Trials of Chult

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