Wild Mage

This area is not ready for player eyes yet. Something to look forward to (or cower in terror against) in future campaigns. While it is possible for you guys to run afoul with Wild Magic, it does not currently exist on Abier-Toril.

However if any of you find any Wild Magic Surge charts you want me to incorporate into this or another campaign, go ahead and email them to me, I will take a look at them. My only real requirements are that A) they dont go too overboard (no blowing up the moon) and B) they have just as many negative results as positive.

Wild Surge Charts

Updated 11-21-11

Tork Kinifyen somehow was summoned back to Fearun and for unexplained reasons Wild Magic has now been rarely seen around the Cormyr area. Below are the rules for playing a Wild Mage. Currently to play a wild mage you must have been in the Cormyrian area during the beggining of the year 1358 DR, or 1332 Cormyrean Reckoning.

But for some Wild Magic was new and fascinating. And inherently even more dangerous then normal magic. Read on for the mechanics of this inherently chaotic new brand of magic. Be warned, once you look in it is hard to look back.

Wild Mage

A wild mage is a specialist class of wizard. They have no forbidden school and can freely memorize from any other schools of study. Like all specialty wizards they are allowed an extra spell per day that must be from the Wild Mage Spells list. They must be of chaotic alignment and any deviation from this alignment makes them unable to cast any spells at all. They are in most respects normal to a wizard. They memorize from spellbooks like a wizard, use the same BAB, skill points, hit points, and saves as a wizard. In addition there is one other rather strange requirement to the class.

While Int is the most important stat, the one that determines extra spells per day and what level spells the wizard is able to cast, it may never be their highest stat. If a Wild Mage Int score ever equals or surpasses the characters highest statistic, their magic will not function. A wild mage may use items, spells, potions or any other resources to increase their statistics. The base statistics are not important, only the end result. For example if a wild mages highest score is dex at 18 and then int at 17, they are fine. But if that mage gets poisoned or somehow loses dex then the mage is unable to cast spells.

Like all other specialist wizards in my campaigns, if you specialize in a school you may not multiclass or take a prestige class until reaching 20th level. All other specialist have the option of forgoing their specialization bonus’s to become a normal mage of the same level. A wild mage doesn’t have that option. Once a wild mage it is for life. Only a wish spell may take away a wild mages specialization.

The mechanics for wild mage works as follows. Everytime a wild mage cast a spell, no matter what it is or who is the target, they roll a d20 with no modifiers. Then consult the following table. Add the corresponding number (which may be negative) to the casters level. This level adjustment only affects caster level for purposes of spell damage, duration, range, spell penetration, and caster level checks. Not saves, hit points, feats, or any other level adjustment for characters.

1= – 3

2,3= – 2

4,5,6= – 1

7 – 14= 0

15,16,17= + 1

18,19= + 2

20= + 3

A caster can never have a caster level adjustment of lower then 1 (meaning a 1st level wild mage can only break even or get better) or higher then 20 (meaning a 20th level wild mage can only break even or get worse).

Finally a wild mage has a chance to Wild Surge with every casting. If the mage ever rolls the number of their current level on the d20, then they wild surge. So a first level mage would need to roll a 1, a fifteenth level mage would need to roll a 15 and so on. Ignore whatever the normal table result would be when this happens, they count as being their normal level for purposes of the surge.

Wild Mage Spells

Wild Mage

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