A totally new class. This is also a favored class for gnomes for purposes of multiclassing. However it usually takes a rather scatterbrained mind to take a class as inherently dangerous and unstable as a tinker. Therefor any non gnomes take a -10% penalty on top of any Wis penalties they have.

Gnomes are inventors, engineers, artificers, alchemist that excel both in a lab and in the field.

Hit die: d6 Skill points: 6 + Int/level (x4 at first level)
Weapon Proficiencies: All simple
Base attacks: Medium, same as clerics or rouges
Good saves: Will and Reflex Poor saves: Fort
New Skill: Craft Technology (Int based)

Level Bonus
1 Bonus Feat*
2 Packrat, Scavange
3 Cobble 1/week
4 Bomb bouncer, evasion, Bonus Feat*
5 Bonus Feat*, Coolness Under Fire (CUF) 1/day
6 Energy Resistance 5
7 CUF 2/day
8 Cobble 2/week
9 CUF 3/day
10 Bonus Feat*
11 CUF 4/day
12 Energy Resistance 10
13 Cobble 3/week, CUF 5/day
14 Improved Evasion
15 Bonus Feat*, CUF 6/day
16 Energy Resistance 15
17 CUF 7/day
18 Cobble 4/week
19 CUF 9/day
20 Bonus feat*, Energy Resistance 20

Bonus feat must be either a Tinker Feat or a Exotic Weapon Feat. If already has Exotic Weapon Feat then it can be a weapon feat centered around that weapon (weapon focus, precise shot, rapid reload, point blank shot, etc)

Packrat: A new feat that anyone may take. It is a general feat with no restrictions or prerequisites. It simply allows someone to carry a load as if their strength is 5 higher then it actually is. This is for carrying capacity only. Tinkers get for free at 2nd level.

Scavenge: A tinker may put together devices with whatever they happen to be carrying with them at the time. It is always assumed they collect any bits of ingrediants, wires, spare parts, at all times. They can make a Search check DC 10 + the overall tech score of what they are trying to create at the moment. If successful they find materials sufficient for raw components to make 1/2 Tinker level x 50gp.

This skill cannot be used in anyway to make money. Two different tinkers may combine their skill and pool their resources. If tinker makes a scavenge check and finds more material then he needs, he does not get to keep the rest, it is wasted. Can be attempted 1 per day per level. The item has a 5% chance of failure whenever it is first used and that increases by 5% each use thereafter. They may get a bonus to search depending on their current location and the surrounding area.

Cobble: Crafting takes time to do properly, but sometimes it must be done quickly and on the fly. Using the cobble skill reduces the time to make something. It can reduce 1 millennium to one century, 1 century to one decade, 1 decade to one year, 1 year to one month, 1 month to 1 week, 1 week to 1 day, less then a day turns to minutes. So if something should normally take three days to create, a cobble can reduce that time to 1 day. Cobbling something causes a 5% chance of breaking every time it is operated, this risk increases by 5% every time.

For example a heavy crossbow usually cost 150gp to buy new. A Tinker of 6th level could attempt to make one up really quick with whatever spare parts he had at hand (McGuyver style) A Search check DC 25 would scavenge up 150gp worth of material laying about, which is enough to make the crossbow. They would need to make a Craft Technoligy check DC 15. Success means they successfully create a crossbow but it will break on a attack roll of 1. Next attack on a roll of 2, then 3, and so on until it finally breaks. Normally making a crossbow takes 15 hours for one person if they are in a smithy. 30 hours on the field. A use of cobble can lower this down to 15 minutes.

Bomb-bouncing: When throwing a grenade like missile double the range incrament and it can bounce around corners.

Coolness Under Fire: Tinker may take 10 on a Craft Tech, Concentration, Alchemy, Open Locks, or Disable Device even if under duress. Can use two ‘charges’ at once and apply it to any roll, even attack or saving throws (not damage). Applies to tinker only.

Energy Resistance: Pick one energy type (Fire, Cold, Electrical, Sonic, or Acid) gain 5 pts Resistance. At levels 12, 16, and 20 get 5 more points. This can be added on and stacked, or pick a new element.

Evasion and Improved Evasion work same as for a Rouge.

New Skill

Craft Technology: Intelligence based. The knowledge to make, use, or successfully and safely destroy machines. From simple machines like locks and crossbows to elaborate machines. This may be used in place of Open Locks or Disable Device but at +10DC and wont work against magic.

There are a lot of Tinker Feats that pretty much only apply to Tinkers. And in Creatable Items you will find a huge list of things Tinkers can make. They may be able to produce even more items then is listed, they are inventors after all. This list will be updated as it needs to be. There are such a variety of guns that they got their own page. Gunzerker is dedicated to everything firearm in D&D.


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