Specialist Clerics

This page is dedicated to what makes a specialist cleric ……….well……….. special. First they must be a single class character that may never multiclass. If they do then they forever lose the bonus’s associated with being specialized. In addition they also perm lose 2 points of Wisdom that may not be granted back by any known means. This is actually a in-game balance that stops characters that choose to mulitclass but pick cleric first from being specialized even though they plan on losing it later. If you want to be a multiclass cleric thats fine, just let me know ahead of time. Despite the fact that I keep using the word cleric, this can also apply to some druids as well. Certain deities follow the druid path rather then the priest.

I use the Forgotten Realms setting alot and will very likely only have those gods listed here. If I DM a non-Forgotten Realms setting I will probably not do specialized clerics because I dont know that much about other campaigns gods. In addition this only works with Human based deities. Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Orc, and Halfling gods for the most part work in harmony with each other, and while you choose one to venerate over the others, you generally get along with all the gods. Each pantheon usually has one bad egg though. Drow deities do not get along but they still are not counted as specialized. And with most other monstrous races they only have one god to worship. Of course a demihuman may worship a human god and vice-versa. But only human gods have specialized clerics.

These will be added as needed. There are probably a hundred or more gods in Forgotten Realms, and even discounting all the nonhuman ones its still alot. So I will create them as interest is mentioned.





Specialist Clerics

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