Modifications to existing Feats.

Improved Initiative: A roll of 1 means that you dont automatically go last, it is just the worst result possible. A roll of 19 is similar to a 20 where you automatically go first and are given a surprise round (one standard action).

All feats that have a sole purpose of increasing Skill checks is doubled. For example Deft Hands which grants +2 to Slight of Hands and Use Rope would now be +4. Skill Focus adds +6 and Combat Casting is a whopping +8.

Skill Focus: This increases any skill by + 3 just as written but it also gets rid of the roll of 1 autofail rule. If you have this feat in a particular skill, a roll of one no longer autofails.

Toughness: Doubles every time feat taken. + 3 hp the first time, + 6 hp the next (for a total of 9), + 12, +24, etc. Note that a character cannot go over their normal hp max of 10 x Con score + height adjustment. However a character can trade in this feat for another any time they gain a level. This is the only feat that is allowed in.

Run: I created the Run skill for when a race or chase is involved. I did this so that two creatures with the same movement speed could actually determine a winner in a race. First it can be either Dex or Strength, runners choice. Then you add whatever ranks you have. Furthermore you add or subtract 2 for every 5’ movement that is different from the normal standard of 30. So a small creature with a speed of 20 would have a minus 4. A creature with a speed of 40 would have a plus 4 and so on. If a creature has the Run Feat then they may add their ranks twice and add both Strength and Dex if they choose.

For example a 6th level human monk with a base speed of 50, has Strength and Dex of 14, and has the Run Feat. Monks get to add their level to physical skills. So that is 20 movement above 30 for a total of + 8. Then has a plus two for each strength and dex for a total of + 4. Is a 6th level monk for a total of + 6. Add those together and you get 8 + 4 + 6 = 18. Now lets say the monk has capped the run skill and put 9 ranks in it, with the Run Feat they get to double that to 18. The monk would roll a 1d20 + 36 on a Run check.

A 6th level human fighter with a speed of 30, Dex of 12, Strength of 18, wearing chain mail wants to race. All they would add is the + 4 for strength and as to deal with the – 5 armor check penalty. Since they don’t have the Run Feat they don’t get to add their Dex bonus, not a monk so cant add their level. If they have ranks in run then they can add that, but without any ranks are looking at 1d20 – 1 for a run check.

Craft Whatever Feats: There is no xp cost for creating magical items (but there is for psionic items). Instead there is a system much closer to 2nd Edition found here Creating Magical Items However you still need the corresponding feat to create said items.

Metamagic Feats: These feats work very well for spontaneous casters, but not so well for memory casters. Memory casters with metamagic feats have two ways of using them. The first is the traditional memorize the spell with the metamagic feat attached. The second is to sacrifice a spell of the correct level to metamagic a lower level one.

For example a mage wants to cast a maximized Magic Missile. The best way to do so is to use a 4th level spell slot to power up the spell. But if they didnt they aren’t totally out of luck. They cast the spell (1st level) and then sacrifice a spell of the correct level (4th in this case) to power it. This means they spend two spells to gain the metamagic feat, but if the situation calls for it, it is available.

Improved Brew Potion: Must be a 12th level caster and have Brew Potion. Spell level caps for potions is now 5th level.

Alertness: A natural 1 for initiative is no longer such a big penalty. The character doesnt miss a round of combat and acts as is normal for their turn. In addition, like all feats that increase skill points, the bonus’s for Perception is +4. However a natural one still is a autofail for Perception with just the Alertness Feat.

Precise shot: There is no penalty for shooting into melee in regards to attack roll. But a miss may result in hitting an unintended target (such as a friendly). Precise shot negates the chance you hit the wrong target. If you miss your target then you miss everyone.

Damage Accumulation: Doesnt work against every single type of DR. There are very few exceptions but they do exist. The DR that Warbots (Tinkers) have is unaffected, as is the DR of a Green Star Adept.

New Feats

Some of these feats may or may not exist in other sources. If so then more then likely mine work a little (or a lot) differently as most were created by me.

Daylight Adaptation: Creature no longer suffers from daze or dazzled upon seeing natural sunlight. Spells also work on the surface. Does no protect from a Sunbeam or Sunburst spell.

Surgical Strike: Must have +8 BAB and +8 ranks in Spot. When making a full round attack you sacrifice all other attacks to have an extra +2 on your first attack and +2 on the Called Shot Chart.

Improved Surgical Strike: Must have +16 BAB and +16 ranks in Spot. Same as Surgical Strike but bonus increases to +4.

Good Neighbor: Must pick a city, from now on all social interactions withen that citys limits or with that citys inhabitants gain a + 4 bonus and a roll of 1 is not a critical failure. Prices are 10% cheaper in city.

Line of Credit: Prerequisite Good Neighbor: Withen that city the character has a line of credit of 100 x Charisma score. This is a line of credit for the entire city, not individual shops or people. Must be paid back withen 1 month or – 5 to all social interactions until credit is paid with a cumulative – 1 for every additional month. When credit is good prices are 20% cheaper and social bonus is + 6.

Goad: Char at least 13. Can taunt an opponent who has at least 3 Int (mind affecting ability). Roll a taunting check (1d20 + Char mod + ranks in taunt) that is the Will DC the enemy has to make. If using a language the enemy doesnt understand, they get a + 10.

Lead the Target: Can use Int modifier instead of Dex on missile attacks. Can be used with guns.

Packrat: Str is 5 higher to determine load carrying capacity.

Resist Elements: Must already have natural Elemental Resistance. Adds 5 resistance. Must be to same element already has resistance in.

Improved Elemental Resistance: Must have Resist Elements Feat. Adds + 10 to same element the previous feat was taking in. So + 15 Resistance just from feats.

Damage Accumulation: +8 BAB. All damage done by you to the same target by multiple attacks is added together for purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Snake Blooded: Must be picked at character creation. +2 any roll relating to poison. +2 Fort.

Strong Soul: Must be picked at character creation. +3hp, +1Fort, +1Will.

Thug. Must be picked at character creation. +2 Intimidate, +1 hp, +2 Initiative.

Artist: Must be picked at character creation. +2 All Perform checks, + 2 Search & Appraise.

Blooded: Must be picked at character creation. +2 Spot, +2 vs fear, +2 Initiative.

Luck of Heros: Must be picked at character creation. +1 AC, +1 all saves.

Mind over Body: Must be picked at character creation. Use Int rather then Con for bonus hp. Every Metamagic Feat selected increases hp by 1. Cannot alter if Con becomes better then Int for any reason.

Will to Live: Must be picked at character creation. Same as Mind over Body but uses Wis.

Silvertongue: Must be picked at character creation. +4 to Appraise, Bluff, and Diplomacy.

Improved Augment Summons: Must specialize in Conjuration. In addition to the bonus’s given by Augment Summons, Creature has +1HD, +1 AC, and +1 all saves.

Superior Augment Summons: Must specialize in Conjuration. All bonus’s from previous Augment Summons Feats double. +8 Str and Con, +2 HD, +2 AC, and +2 all saves.

Extra Spell: Any spellcaster can take this feat multiple times. The effects stack as long as taken in the same spellcasting class. The first time this feat is taken, caster gets an extra 1st level spell/day. The second time a 2nd. Etc.

Counterspeller: Must specialize in Abjuration. Allows the caster to have the effects of the 4th level spell Flexible Counterspell (found in the Mage Slayer section) going at all times. Caster may use any abjuration spell in memory to counter any spell of equal level or lower.

Great Tracker: Must have 1 level of Ranger. Adds ranger level to Survival checks.

Sneak Attack: Gains the ability to Sneak Attack. Or adds another +1d6 if already there. Feat can be taken multiple times, always adding another d6 to sneak attack damage.

Improved Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, or Iron Will: Must have the original as a prerequisite to get the improved version. This allows the character to make one reroll on that particular save per day.

Hocus Pocus Bitch: Pre Iron Will, Great Fortitude, and Lightning Reflex. You may use your best saving throw vs a magic spell regardless of what it actually calls for.

Epic Heroic Evasion: Pre 21st level, Imp Iron Will, Imp Great Fortitude, Imp Lightning Reflex, Hocus Pocus Bitch, Medulla Oblongata Bitch, Luck of Heros. Ok you win, if you actually meet the prerequisites for this class and you take this feat you now automatically succeed vs every saving throw from here on out. In addition this is an secret bonus to anyone who finds it …. Hi Eric. This was posted 11/4/15. Any other bonus’s on the website prior to this one are long void now. To this first two people who find it, assuming one is Eric, They get a free feat which must be focused on saving throws ( Iron Will, Improved Lightning Reflexes, etc ).

Defense Feats against psionics.

To gain any of the psionic defense feats the character cannot be able to manifest any powers. In addition once a feat here is taken the character will never be able to manifest a power.

Psionic Hole: Pre Con 15. If a psionic creature strikes you in melee they immediately lose any psionic focus and must cancel one active power. In addition to target you with a psionic power the manifester must pay extra PSP equal to your Wisdom score.

Hostile Mind: Pre Cha 15 or Evil. If a telepathic power is used on you, even if not harmful or beneficial. The manifester must make a Will save DC = your HD + your Char mod + 10. Failure results in 2d6 mental damage. Cannot deactivate this feat.

Chaotic Mind: Pre Chaotic. + 2 save vs all psionic powers. If save is successful then 2d6 mental damage to the manifester who targeted you.

Mental Resistance: Pre Iron Will. Any psionic attack that does mental damage you gain 3/- DR against. In addition if ability points would be drained or damaged you ignore the first 3 points. Last if psionics would level drain you, you ignore the first 3 level loss.

Medulla Oblongata Bitch: Pre Iron Will, Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, and one other psionic defense feat. You may use your best saving throw vs a psionic power regardless of what it actually calls for.

Feats for specific classes.

Anyone who can deal Sneak Attack damage my use the following feats. They all work the same. Sacrifice a 1d6 die for the possibility of doing an additional effect. The save is Fort DC=damage done by the sneak attack. Effect can be cured by any magical healing or a Heal check DC = original save. Enemies immune to crits are immune to the following.

Crippling Strike: Save or be hamstrung. Movement cut down to 5’.

Silent Strike: Save or be mute. Cannot cast spells that need vocalization.

Blinding Strike: Save or be blind. A Cure Blindness spell will also instantly cure this.

Disarming Strike: Save or drop whatever was being held.

Mutilating Strike: Cost 2d6. Save or one arm is useless and hangs limp.

Bleeding Strike: Cost 2d6. Save or take 1d6 bleeding damage each round until healed or cured. Damage can be avoided if victim only takes 5’ movements and does nothing strenuous, like combat.

Green Star Adept Feats

Elemental Resistance: +5 DR to (pick one) fire/lightning/acid/cold/earth

Emerald Resistance: +5 DR to (pick two) fire/lightning/acid/cold/earth but lose all DR to Sonic attacks.

Mr. Green Genes: A +4 bonus to appraise, strength, and break checks. Bonus actually increases to +5 if wearing torn purple pants for some reason……………………

Golombane: You ignore any DR your opponent has from a metallic source equal to your GSA level. This includes Goloms, Adamantium armor, Stoneskin spells, or sheer toughness a opponent has for being made out of a metallic or mineral substance.

Craft Construct: If you also have Brew Potion and ranks in Alchemy you can combine these three bonus’s to create healing potions for yourself. It takes a workshop and alchemy lab worth 1000gp to start. DC is 3/1 point healing. Takes 8 hours to attempt one potion of this type. Cost 10 Alchemy per 1 point DC. Also can be poured on Goloms to cure them.

Sneaky Greeny: If in a environment where being a creature made out of green rocklike skin would help you hide you add your GSA level to your hide check. This bonus doubles if you are standing still. Places like forest, jungles, rainforest, or underground against heat sensing opponents.


Knowledgeable Thief: Instead of picking a spell at random from an enemy, know the full list of spells (or powers if you did that instead) available to take.

Spell Hoarder: Instead of holding onto a stolen spell/power/resistance 1 minute per spellthief level, make it an hour per level.

Master Spellthief: Add all your spellthief levels with your other casting classes for determining casing level. This works for overcoming SR, determining damage, range, and duration of cast spells, and against Dispel Magic. Only thing it doesnt count towards is level of spells allowed to steal.


Improved Breath Weapon: A shifter starts with 5 breath weapons that deal 2d6 damage each. With this feat damage goes up to 3d8. The DC increases by 2.

Superior Breath Weapon: Breath Weapon damage hits again in round 2 if target failed his save on the first round. The DC increases by another 2. Damage goes up to 5d10.

Morphic Immunities: Immune to critical hits and stunning attacks.

Morphic Weapons: Can grow natural weapons from his body to form odd shapes. In in a natural form then the damage for all natural weapons is one die better. Can also add Wis bonus to AC in form of natural armor.

Morphic Body: +3 to Strength and Constitution in every form.

Morphic Reach: Can extend his natural reach by 5’. Granting a +5 to initiative and the ability to sneak attack if the opponent doesnt know about this and doesnt have Uncanny Dodge.

Morphic Healing: Gains 2 Fast healing.

Morphic Items: All nontrigger, non weapon items retain their magical abilities while shapechanged.

Bonestab: Causes the bones in the arms to shot out of the hands as sneak attacks. Does sneak attack damage as rogue of the same level. The bones themselves only count for 1 point.

Flashmorph: Morphing becomes a swift action and gain 3 more shifts per day.


Lasting Rage: Rage last twice as long before wearing off.

Tactical Rage: No AC penalty while raging.

Enduring Rage: No exhaustion after raging.

Instant Rage: Raging is now a move action.

Extra Rage: Get another rage per day.

Bardic Feats

Lingering Song: A bard may choose to keep the previous rounds Perform skill check in place of a new one. A bard may only do this once per conflict but other then that there is no limit.

Perfect Pitch: Prereq Lingering Song. A bard may always choose to keep the previous rounds perform check for at least two rounds. After two rounds they must reroll and take the new result but the two round countdown starts over. There is no limit of times a bard may do this, even withen the same conflict.

Groupies: A bards summoned creatures automatically gain the bards bonus’s granted by bardic songs. With this feat any summoned creatures the bard chooses will also gain the bonus’s. Useful if there is a conjurer in the group.


Supreme Weapon Focus: Must be Fighter level 12. Adds another +2 to attack with a specific weapon type. This should bring the total bonus from Weapon Focus Feats to +4.

Supreme Weapon Specialization: Must be Fighter level 15. Adds another +2 to damage with a specific weapon type. This should bring the total bonus from Weapon Specialization Feats to +6.

Ultimate Weapon Master: Must be Fighter level 18. Adds another two points to attack and damage for a total of +6 att and +8 damage from the combined Weapon Feats. It also grants +1 AC when wielding that specific weapon type and another attack at full attack bonus when making a full attack action. Finally the base damage die of the weapon increases by one size.


Psionic Feats


Extra Cobble: Must be 3rd level. Gain another cobble for the week.

Crafty Leader: Feat can be taken multiple times, adds another 3 possible assistance whenever taken. Without this feat, tinker only gains 1/2 1 persons assistance ranks in Craft Tech to add to their roll in any Crafting check. With this feat a tinker may have up to 3 people help and it adds all their ranks to the tinkers roll. Even if helpers dont have ranks in Craft Tech it adds their Int bonus, or a minimum of 1 per person.

Delay Malfunction: Sometimes things dont go according to plan. This feat delays the inevitable, maybe pulling off victory at the last second. If a device starts to malfunction (like something you scavenged together, or rolling low on a arbeques) roll a craft check DC10 + original tech skill check to avert disaster. If successful then item continues operating for another 1d6 rounds (DM rolls)

So if you make the crossbow in the earlier example and it breaks, and you have this feat, roll a Craft Tech check DC 25 to hold it together for another 1d6 rounds.

Emergency Repair: Must have Delay Malfunction feat. Make a Craft Tech check DC 15 + original tech skill check to fix machine for 1 hour. After one hour roll same check again to see if perm fixed.

So with the same crossbow example you need a DC 30 (twice) to perm fix the item.

Johnny on the Spot: Can trade in money for materials wherever you happen to be. So if a scavenge check fails, or you still come up short, you can just trade in gold for the difference. Without this feat you have to carry extra around with you.

Master Inventor: Must be 5th level, Int 13. The chance of failure on a scavenged item doesnt go up. Normally it increases by 5% with every use.

Scavenge Materials: + 2 Search checks for scavenging. Instead of getting 1/2 level x 50 gp, you get 1/2 level x 75gp.

Small Device Knack: Get a + 2 on Craft, Open Lock, and Disable Device.

Gun Tree, must get in order.
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Gun/ Arbeques/ Boomstick.

Firearm Knack: + 2 to Craft or Repair firearms. Only a 1/20 chance it blows up rather then 1/10. If it blows up on wielder it only does 1/2 damage to wielder. + 1 attacks and damage dealt with firearms, + 2 if gun was made by self. 10% cheaper smoke powder and cost to build.

Improved Firearm Knack: + 4 to Craft or Repair firearms. On a roll of 1 on attack, roll a gun craft check vs original AC of target, success means gun simply jams instead of blowing up. (Still unusable unless tinker has Delay Malfunction or Emergency Repair) + 2 att and dmg with firearms, + 3 if made by self. 20% cheaper smoke powder and cost to build. 1 less round to load.

Gunslinger: Must be 10th level. + 6 to Craft or Repair firearms. + 3 att and dmg, + 4 if made by self. 30% cheaper smoke powder and cost to build. 2 less rounds to load. Does an extra 1d4 per hit, the d4 is stackable damage like the gun.

Vehicle Tree, must get in order.
Vehicle Proficiency: Must pick land, sea, air, or space. Dont have to get any more specific then that. Whenever in a vehicle that is in the terrain it was built for, may make a Craft Tech check to correctly operate it. If Vehicle has a natural attack then +Int on attack, damage, and AC. Mostly used on ships, airships, spelljammers, or warbots.

Vehicle Knack: + 2 craft or repair checks. + 1 all att, dmg, and AC with vehicle, + 2 if made by self. + 10 movement speed. 10% cheaper to build. + 10% carrying capability.

Improved Vehicle Knack: + 4 craft or repair checks. + 2 att, dmg, and AC with vehicle, + 3 if made by self. + 20 movement speed. 20% cheaper to build. + 20% carrying capability.

Wheelman: Must be 10th level. + 6 craft and repair checks. +3 attack, dmg, and AC with vehicle, + 4 if made by self. + 30 movement speed. 30% cheaper to build. + 30% carrying capability. All reloads on vehicle reduced by 1 round.

Alchemist Tree, must get in order.
Brew Potion Feat: A Tinker who gets this can make Tinker potions, see below.

Tinker Potion: Ability to whip together an effect using whatever ingredients are on hand without use of a lab or spellcraft. Counts as magical for purposes of dispelling, stacking, or magic dead. Alchemy check 1=10gp of potion worth. Max of 2nd level spell effects. Takes 1 day per level of spell effect. May use cobble to shorten length to 1 hour per level. Cost is equal to normal cost but may use scavenge to reduce. Cannot make curing potions.

So if tinker wants a cats grace potion costing 200gp and is 6th level. Search DC 30 to find 150 gp worth of alchemy laying around. Must still come up with the remaining 50gp worth on his on. If he has it then he can whip it up and make a alchemy check DC 20. If successful then he creates a potion of cats grace, same as normal. Note that these potions must be drunk withen 1 day/ level of tinker or they dilute into syrupy water. They count as spell level same as tinker level, so a 6th level mage in this case.

Improved Tinker Potion: + 2 Search checks regarding scavenging for potion use. +2 all Alchemy checks. Max of level 3 potion effects. Reduce time by 1 day. So a first level effect now takes 1 hour, or 1 turn if using cobble. Reduce cost by 10%. Can use Alchemy checks to determine properties of potions found.

Brewmaster: Must be 10th level. + 4 Search checks relating to scavenging for potion use. +4 to all Alchemy checks. Max level 4 potion effects. Reduce time by 2 days. Reduce cost by 20%. Can add 10 to Alchemy DC and max the efficiency of potions. Random potions automatically effect the Brewmaster to max (if helpful) or min (if negative). So a Brewmaster drinking a potion of Cats Grace always rolls a 4.

Bomb Tree, must get in order.
Create Bomb: Must be 4th level. Craft and Alchemy checks DC 10+ 2/d6 damage. So a minimum of 12 of a 1d6 bomb. Can create a bomb capable of 1d6/ 2 levels or max of 5d6 at level 10. Creates a grenade like effect of 5’ radius. Reflex save for 1/2. DC is same as the crafting checks. Cost is 100gp + 10gp/d6. Takes 1hour/ d6. Can use cobble and scavenge to speed up and cheapen the process. Minimum cost of 30gp. Can only have 1 bomb / level at a time.

So a 6th level tinker making a max damage bomb (3d6) would need to roll a Craft and Alchemy check DC 16. Both checks must succeed. The save would be Reflex DC 16. The tinker would roll a search check DC 26 to gain 150 gp worth of material. The cost would be 130gp worth of material. This actually exceeds the cost he needs but the extra is wasted and he must still pay 30gp. This would take 3 hours to make this bomb. Cobble would speed this up to 3 rounds.

Improved Create Bomb: 8th level. +2 on all create bomb checks (the Alchemy, Craft, Search, and Reflex save). Up to 1d6/level now, still max of 10. Hits 5’ radius / 3d6 worth of damage so max of 15’. Cost is -10%. Takes one less hour. Min cost only 20gp.

Bombader: 12th level. +4 on all create bomb checks. Can create d10 bombs. DC is 15 +2/d10. So minimum of 17 and max of 35. Max of 10d10. Hits a 10’ / 3d10, so max of 30’. Adds knockdown and stun to effect. Stun is a Fortitude save vs same DC the Reflex save was. Knockdown is a grapple check vs the damage dealt. Even if Reflex was successful these two effects must be saved against (unless target has evasion or improved evasion) Cost is 100gp + 25gp/d10. But at -20%. Still takes 1 hour/d10 but also minus 2 hours. Min cost only 10gp.


Trials of Chult Torkkinifyen