Ring of the Hydra

Reroll saving throws


A golden ring with 9 snake-like heads. Every head counts as a reroll for a failed save. May only attempt one reroll per save. Every time a power is used a head crumbles into dust. When all 9 heads are gone the ring is forever useless.

Can be recharged with a Lab worth 3000gp, an Aid, Clairvoyance, 1000 alchemy, a Hydra Heart and a Hydra head for every recharge needed to restore ring (to a max of 9.) Must have Craft Wondrous Item Feat. A apocrathy can usually do this for you for cost of 2500gp plus need to provide the hydra heads and heart.

Buy for 15,000gp Sell for 6000gp – 600 per head missing.


Ring of the Hydra

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