Ring of Mind Shielding

A ring of subterfuge and mental protection


Unlike practically everything else on this page the ring of Mind Shielding is a normal item found in the DMG. However in my campaign it also adds some psionic protection as well so here it goes.

A ring of mind shielding counts as a permanent ring slot because it is always active. It makes you immune to magical Detect Thoughts, Discern Lies, and any ability to discern your alignment. It also makes you immune to the psionic abilities ESP (basically Detect Thoughts) and Truthear (basically Discern Lies). Finally you are always considered to have the psionic power Intellect Fortress in place.

If you don’t want to go into the crazy psionic combat rules stop here, and if your not playing a psion I suggest you really do. But if you want the nitty gritty mechanics here goes.

There are five psionic attacks a telepath can do to get through psionic defenses. Intellect Fortress is the second strongest defense there is. For a telepath to hurt or control a wearer of a Mind Shielding ring they have to get past the defenses first. The wearer will automatically know they are being attacked when it happens though not where the attack is coming from.

Psionic attack vs defense is like the price is right. Whoever can roll higher without going over. Tie goes to defender. Intellect Fortress adds modifiers to the attackers score. The modifier depends on which attack was used but it always to the defenders benefit. If ADDING the modifier to the attackers roll would put them over their power score, then it is added and the attack fails automatically. If the modifier wouldn’t put them over the power score roll then it is SUBTRACTED and the defender has an easier number to beat.

Example. Brad the butthole psionic attacks Eric the awesome guy with a Mind Shielding ring. Brad is using a Mind Thrust power to try to bust through. Both Brad and Eric have a Wisdom of 16. Mind Thrust is Wis – 2. Intellect Fortress is Wis – 3. Intellect Fortress also has a + / – 4 modifier to Mind Thrust.

Brad rolls a 14, Eric rolls a 19. Normally Brad should win because he rolled the best possible number and Eric failed entirely but Brad is forced to add 4 to his roll which gives him a 18. Since Brad went over his target number his attack didn’t happen and Eric wins by default.

Brad rolls a 10, Eric rolls a 6. Normally Brad would win because he rolled higher then Eric and neither went over. Adding 4 to Brads number gives him a 14 which means he still wins but if we subtract 4 then he only rolls a 6. Now they are tied and ties go to the defender which means Eric wins.

In psionic combat the attacker must succeed three times ( not necessarily consecutively ) to break through the defenses and start messing with the defenders mind.

So if Brad rolls well enough, and Eric rolls poorly enough then Eric can still lose. But the ring definitely makes it harder for Brad the butthole to win.


Ring of Mind Shielding

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