"How to be an Adventurer"

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How To Be An Adventurer

This ludicrously huge and heavy book – more a compilation of volumes in a single binding than anything else – claims to be an extensive manual in the “fine art of Adventuring.” It’s many chapters include:

-Henchmen: loyal companions or seedy pack mules?
-101 uses for a 10’ pole
-Catapaults: Yes, that’s as far as it shoots!
-Getting the most out of your party’s thief
-Today’s tinderbox – it’s not just for lighting torches anymore.
-Dungeons to tackle:Stinky Pieter’s Hall o’ Poorly Guarded Gold; The Caves of Soundly Sleeping Monsters; Archmage “Loose-Bowels” Wozley the Milksop’s Enchanted Item Warehouse; The Wooden Citadel of Darmos the Old and Crippled
-Dungeons to Avoid Like the Crotch-Rot: The Iron Fortress of Biodaxx, the Devourer of Souls; Daminara the Erinyes’ Nine-Layered Brothel of Violent Emasculation (No slaking…or slating…allowed); The Crimson Hell-Pit Of One Billion Miserable Deaths; and more!
-Your lantern and you
-Twelve Uses for Twelve Iron Spikes
-99 Uses for that little hammer that comes with Twelve Iron Spikes
-Face it, you’re actually “Neutral Evil”
-The King’s Lovely Daughter: Look, But Don’t Touch
-Don’t put your hand in that dark hole!

And over eighty more information-packed chapters covering all aspects of adventuring from hoarding to spell-casting and bold heroics to arse-saving cowardice.

This book cost 75,000gp and takes a week to read through but grants 10,000xp upon completion of reading. Even though the book is nonmagical it never seems to fail to be lost by the possessor after reading is completed.


"How to be an Adventurer"

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