Elixer of the Gods


This strange tonics are the cause of much debate and argument, These used to never be for sale, as most races kept them for themselves or merchant races such as the Arcane only sold them to valued customers or payment for great services. However since the time of troubles the brews have acted erratically and some even have negative side effects lowering their value considerably. Because of this an Arcane will only sell one to a person in a lifetime, which is convenient since they will only work on a individual once. Any consumption of a vial after the first one is a waste as nothing will happen. When drunk roll 1d20. These potions will affect intelligent corporeal undead but not constructs.

1: All stats go down 1
2: One random stat down 1
3: Drinker picks a stat to go down 1
4-14: One random stat +1
15-17: Drinker picks a stat to go up 1
18-19: Max hit points go up 10
20: All stats go up 1

All effects are permanent although a Wish spell or Greater Restoration has a 50% of reversing them.

Buy 23,000gp Sell 18,000gp


Elixer of the Gods

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