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What it cost to make your own stuff


Ok I screwed up when I tried my own version and as a result a few characters got some overpowered equipment pretty early, but live and learn. Here we go for version 2.0. A weapon/armor/shield may have up to a + 10 enchantment bonus on it. It can have up to + 5 enchantment and then a bonus of some sort up + 5. The item must have the base enchantment equal or greater then the bonus. So you cannot have a + 1 item with a + 4 bonus, but you may have it the other way around, with a + 4 item and only a + 1 enchantment.

So that means that the + 5 bonus’s may only be put on + 5 items and that is the max magic that can be put into the weapon. Finally all enchantment or special materials must be done at time of items creation.

The enchantment bonus (+ X) stacks with the ability bonus (flaming, lawful, vorpal, whatever) So a +1 flaming sword is a +2 weapon for pricing and cost the same as a + 2 sword. A + 5 flaming, frost, shock, vitriolic, thundering axe would cost the same as a + 5 Vorpal axe as they would both count as + 10 weapons. A + 1 flaming, shocking axe couldn’t exist because the enchantment isn’t high enough to hold that many bonus’s, it would have to be at least a + 2 weapon.

Double weapons have the same enchantment bonus’s and special abilities on both heads for 1.5 cost. So a Two-bladed sword is base 100gp. Masterwork is + 600 for having two sides so 700gp for a masterwork, then if you wanted it to be a + 1 it would cost 3000gp (2000gp for + 1 × 1.5). If you wanted to create a + 7 total weapon (+ 5 lawful or whatever combination) then it would cost 147,000gp (98,000gp x 1.5). If you want the two heads to have different effects then you must pay for the whole cost as if it were two separate weapons BUT the entire weapon could only have a total of + 10 enchantment. So you could have a + 4 Flaming end and a + 3 Thundering Vitriolic end for a grand total of 200,700 gp.

Ammo, unlike weapons, armor, or shields; magical or exotic material for ammo doesn’t have to be masterwork first. The cost for exotic materials for ammunition is per unit (arrow, bolt, or bullet), the cost for magical enchantment is for groups of 50. So 50 + 1 arrows would cost 1000gp. 50 Adamantine arrows would cost 60gp a piece or 3000gp and 50 + 1 adamantine arrows would cost 4000gp. Ammo uses the cheaper Armor price guide because they are pretty much one-and-done.

Special Materials

First any item that is going to be treated with special materials or enchanted has to be of masterwork quality.

Masterwork grants a + 1 bonus to an attack roll. – 1 Skill penalties with armor.

Ammo = 6gp for every unit
Weapon = 300gp
Two-Handed or Double Weapon = 600gp
Armor or Shield = 150gp

Adamantine weapons ignore hardness of non-magical, non-animated items as well as ignoring protection form Stoneskin spells. Adamantine armor grants + 1 DR for light armor, + 2 DR for medium, and + 3 DR for heavy armor.

Ammo = 60gp per unit
Light Armor = 5000gp
Medium Armor = 10,000gp
Heavy Armor = 15,000gp
Weapon = 3000gp
Two Handed or Double Weapon = 6000gp

Darkwood weapons and shields weigh only half as much as their metal counterparts. Only works if the weapon is wooden or mostly wooden normally. An ax or spear would count but a sword or chain would not. Shield skill check penalties are – 2 if Darkwood.

Cost is 10gp per 1 lb of the original items weight.

Cold Iron is very damaging to fey and some other outerplaner creatures. While the damage is the same, it usually obliterates the creatures spirit essence so that if it dies by these weapons its soul is forever destroyed and no magic can bring the creature back. Fey hate and fear these items for that reason. Other then that it does not change the items properties. These creatures will not attack a character wearing Cold Iron Armor with natural weapons unless they have no other alternatives but there is no combat penalties against them.

The cost is double the original item and remember it has to be masterwork. So it would really be Base Item x 2 + Masterwork cost. In addition it adds another + 2000gp to the cost of enchanting the item due to the items resiliency to magic.

Mithral weapons weigh only half their normal counterparts but are otherwise the same. Mithral armor also weighs half and lowers the category of the armor by one. Heavy becomes medium, medium becomes light, light remains light armor but may be slept in with no penalty without the endurance feat as long as the character is proficient with light armor. In addition it lowers armor skill check penalties by 3 to a minimum of 0. Finally spell failure decreases by 10%

Light Armor = 1000gp
Medium Armor = 4000gp
Heavy Armor = 9000gp
Shield = 1000gp
Other items = 500gp/lb (min 500gp)

Silver bypasses lycanthrope and a few undead DR. Also those creatures cannot even touch an item made entirely of silver or take 1d6 damage. Remember that all items must be masterwork as well when adding in the cost to create.

Ammo = 2 gp
Weapon = 90gp
Two-Handed or Double = 180gp

Cost of items

This doesn’t represent the base cost of the item, the masterwork property, or any exotic materials. Remember that the item may only be enchanted once upon creation and that is it.


+ 1 = 2000gp
+ 2 = 8000gp
+ 3 = 18,000gp
+ 4 = 32,000gp
+ 5 = 50,000gp
+ 6 = 72,000gp
+ 7 = 98,000gp
+ 8 = 128,000gp
+ 9 = 162,000gp
+10= 200,000gp

Shields,Armor, and Ammo in increments of 50.

+ 1 = 1000gp
+ 2 = 4000gp
+ 3 = 9000gp
+ 4 = 16,000gp
+ 5 = 25,000gp
+ 6 = 36,000gp
+ 7 = 49,000gp
+ 8 = 64,000gp
+ 9 = 81,000gp
+10= 100,000gp

Magical Bonus’s

Here is the list. More features may be added later.

+ 1 modifiers

Bane (+ 2d6 vs special type, see DMG)
Flaming (+ 1d6 fire)
Frost (+ 1d6 cold)
Shock (+ 1d6 electrical)
Ghost Touch (ignore miss chance vs incorporeal)
Merciful (can deal subdual damage at full strength, no chance of accidental kill)
Cleaving (Wielder gains Cleave Feat)
Spell Storing (Holds a touch spell up to 3rd level inside. Craft Weapon to store a spell)
Throwing (Can be thrown up to 60 and will return)
Thundering (+ 1d6 sonic)
Vitriolic (+ 1d6 acid)

+2 modifiers

Bane (+ 2d6 vs broader type. ALL shifters, ALL elementals, ALL extraplaner, Living, Undead, Arcane casters, Divine caster, etc)
Keen (lowers threat range by 1, raises crit by 1)
Ki (a monk may use all Unarmed abilities through weapon)
Mighty Cleaving (Wielder gains Great Cleave Feat)
Chaotic (+ 2d6 vs lawful, 1d6 vs neutral)
Lawful (+ 2d6 vs chaotic, 1d6 vs neutral)
Disruption (must be blunt, Undead Will save DC14 or destroyed)
Elemental Burst (+ 1d6 elemental, turns into d10s on crits)
Holy (+ 2d6 vs evil, 1d6 vs neutral)
Unholy (+ 2d6 vs good, 1d6 vs neutral)
Wounding (+ 1d6 bleeding until magical healing or Heal DC 15)

+3 modifiers

Defending (grants AC equal to enchantment)
Speed (extra attack when doing full attack. Stacks with Haste)
Extreme (+ 1d6 damage per neutral in alignment)
Wizardly (1 first level arcane spell 3/day)
Skillful (+ 4 to a single skill check when in hand)

+4 modifiers

Dancing (can be released to fight on its on, uses BAB and enchantment bonus)
Brilliant Energy (ignores armor and natural armor but not magical bonus’s)
Mage (2 first or 1 second level arcane spell 3/day)
Master Skill (+ 4 to a single skill check when in possession)

+ 5 modifiers ( only 1 can be applied to a weapon and nothing else)

Archmage (3 spell levels of arcane 3/day)
Vorpal (a confirmed crit Fort save 35. success equals 100dmg, failure means dmg and beheaded)

Armor works the same as far as price.

+ 1 modifiers

Glamered (can make armor look like clothing)
L Fortification (25% immune to crits or sneak attacks)
Slick (+ 5 to escape artist, no armor penalties for esc art)
Shadow (+ 5 hide checks)

+ 2 modifiers

Imp Slick (+ 10 Escape Artist)
Imp Shadow (+ 10 Hide)
Elemental Resistance (10DR vs one element)
SR (+5 SR)

+3 modifiers

Greater Slick (+ 15 Escape Artist)
Greater Shadow (+ 15 Hide)
Greater Elemental Resistance (20DR vs one element)
M Fortification (75% ignore crit and sneak attacks)
Ghost Touch (can be used by incorporal creatures, protects from incorporal attacks)
DR (DR 5/magic)
SR (+ 10 SR)

+ 4 modifiers

SR (+ 15 SR)
Etheralness (May cast Etheral Jaunt 1/day, same benefits as Ghost Touch)
Undead Controlling (Cast Control Undead up to 26HD, last until dawn)
Stat Increase (Increase one stat by + 1 when worn)
Soulfire (wearer has Death Ward on them)

+ 5 modifiers ( this is the only upgrade possible to the armor )

SR (+ 20 SR)
Ultimate Elemental Resistance (30DR vs one element)
H Fortification (immune to crits and sneak attacks)
Unflankable (Has Improved Uncanny Dodge)
Reflecting (Cast Spell Turning 1/day)
Wild ( grants full protection when polymorphed )
Stat Booster (Increase stats by + 3 in whatever combination)


Build your own item

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