lives in a thatch house


A mid age man that comes from a far away land. He is a werebat that was cursed decades ago. He is also a magic-user that specializes in many variations of the spell Magic Missile.


Stryker keeps much of his background to himself as to where he studied and how he came to be in Chult. Some theorize that he used to adventure with the catfolk ninja Eshawna, some that he knows King Cephus Linstead, and some even crazier theories put him as a ex companion of Tork Shason Kinifyen. He is very much a loner in Enur and lives in a strange thatch hut that is several feet off the ground. Because of this there are rumors that he knows/stole from/defeated/is lover to Baba Yaga herself.


Trials of Chult Torkkinifyen