Stathos Darklyte

Cleric of Kelemvore



Stathos is a human male of 23 years. He stands about 6’ tall and is of medium build. The most obvious oddity about him is that he has no hair and his entire body is covered in tattoos. From afar it appears someone has darkened his skin except for the pale silhouette of his skeleton from head to toe. Tattoos around his eyes and mouth give the impression you are looking at a skull. A closer look at the tattoos shows a very intricate pattern if swirls, loops, and designs. He is usually adorned in the hooded robes of his church which are of a deep dark purple trimmed in silver. The robes are covered with a black steel breast plate and black steel shoulder plates. He carries a long sword of dark metal. In addition to his sword he carries a staff which is used more of a standard. The staff is topped with a skeletal hand holding a set of scales.

Stathos his is a walking reminder that The Lord of the Dead is always watching and no matter what path your life takes, sooner or later we will all meet him……

Easter Egg: First player to find this gets to increase a item of protection to + 2 more. second player gets to increase it by + 1.


Skeleton man

Stathos Darklyte

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