Shensen Tesseril

half drow druid hierophant of Chult


Shensen has long silver hair kept back by an ornate silver circlet, dusky skin, and a trim, athletic build. She wears a ring on each hand and supple leather boots upon her feet. She possesses a number of wands tucked into her belt, and the neck of a beautifully crafted lute juts carelessly from a haversack nearby.

After becoming the hierophant druid of Chult when Gunzo defeated Tesherack, her hair has turned light green and shoots of bark and leafy foliage has started growing around her. Small seeds seem to bud when she walkes by and plants seem to want to be around her.


A druid with some bardic training rescued by the Gnomepacks at the Lucky Monkey before Tonngueeater the Werebaboon could kill her. She has since made Cauldron her home and been trying to fit in. Drow blooded people have a hard time fitting in anywhere but her druid training helps in the extreme climates of Chult and she has found a comfortable home here. She went adventuring with Blackmoon once and came across Tesherick, a catfolk druid who is a enemy of the Gnomepacks, especially Gunzo. She and Blackmoon both battled him in the wilds of Chult and barely managed to escape with their lives.

Since returning Shensen has decided to take a more active role in the defense of her adopted hometown and been observing the local plantlife and climates of Cauldron. She has also recently joined the Striders of Shaundakil to try to stop anymore disasters from besieging Cauldron. So far what she has found disturbs her. She hopes that Blackmoon returns home soon .

After the battle of Cauldron the Striders of Shaundakil are gone and she finds herself mostly either in Enur with her lover Blackmoon or patrolling Chult keeping it safe from foriegn dangers.

Shensen is now the hierophant druid of Chult since Tesheracks defeat at the hands of Gunzo. Her appearance has changed to reflect her now powers but her responsibilities have grown. She senses a grave disturbance in the balance of nature……

Shensen Tesseril

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