Prustina Greensleeves

Pirate Slaver


A slender young looking elf maiden with a incredible cruel streak. Her armor is adaptable for life on the open sea and has several spikes and blades coming off of them to cut those who come close. She hasnt been seen in battle yet but her moves are graceful and flawless like a leathel dancer. It is whispered that she is a Reaver.


Nothing is known of her background. It is known that Prustina Greensleeves is one of the most ruthless pirates to sail any waters in Fearun. The only two known pirate chasers in the world who are even willing to cross tides with her are the Blue Vengeance and the Sea Sprite. Her first mate Traven the Cruel and companion Stonetongue are the only two creatures she gives any concern for whatsoever, letting her ship and the rest of her crew drown or selling them into slavery as the whim suits her.

Prustina Greensleeves

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