Pasha Al Rashi Hakim del Ormid

Pasha in Carceninglin


A overweight indulgent pasha who is a master of the telepathic arts. He is surrounded by totally obedient servants, genies, constructs, concubines, and a virtual army of trained guards. He is lazy and paranoid and has enough protection on himself to rival most kings of the west.


Al Rashid trained both Rolph Clasken and M’har together in the arts of telepathic warfair. Rolph died during his testing but M’har became great enough to battle Al Rashid in a test of wills. M’har was strong but Al Rashid is a master for a reason. M’har went into exile to save his life and later wound up in Chult, land of his birth. Al Rashid seems surprised to hear this but does not seemed particularly inclined to renew the battle with his former student. As long as M’har stays away that seems good enough for Rashid.

Pasha Al Rashi Hakim del Ormid

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