I remember when Fharlaghn would show us the way. He led our clan for at least 50 years, but then he failed us. Our travels would take us to the human ports so that we could trade our wares and ensure that we had the best equipment for our hunts. Fharlaghn would keep us safe on our journeys, but he ended up abandoning us about 10 years ago. I was about 5 at the time and recall the first incident when we were abandoned. We were trading in some human port when a bunch of slavers started rounding my people up. Supposedly some buyer in a far away land was drawn to our beauty and wanted to capture some of us to take back home. He ended up capturing many of the younger children in the tribe and we never saw them again. We started experiencing these incidents whenever we traveled to port towns.

These incidents still occur to this day, but it only took about 3 years for my tribe to be decimated. We began to lose faith in Fharlaghn. During our travels, we came across another Catfolk clan and that’s when we learned about Malar. I was about 8 at the time and Malar has managed to keep what’s left of our tribe, intact. My mother was taken to some far away land, but my father still remains. Last year I participated in my first High Hunt. We were hunting when we came across a small group of slavers. We managed to kill all but one and we saved him for the hunt. He was fast and strong for a human and was able to evade us for about half the day. My father taught me to track and hunt humans at a young age and I was able to make the kill. It was a glorious day.

Many of our clans have been devastated and I need to find a way to help ensure a better future.



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