Master telepath


M’har can physically implant his personality inside others bodies so it is very hard to know what he looks like. He keeps the Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution of the host body while retaining his own Intelligence and Wisdom so M’har generally looks for the strongest body in great shape with little mental resistance to his intrusions. This is rather easy for him to come by so he uses up big strong musclemen and then discards their bodies when he is done with them.

According to Pasha Al Rashid Hakim del Ormid, his former mentor and trainer, he is a sickly youth that was probably from the Chultan Peninsula or nearby anyway. His true body is that of a sickly man with incredible mental acuity.

M’har is accompanied only by Drasik Riven his bodyguard. Other then Riven, M’har has no feelings to anyone and uses any sentient being as means to accomplish his own goals. Recently he is infiltrating the Alleybashers Thieves guild in Cauldron and buying up all the gemstones the town can produce. He is also doing a very lucrative business with Vespa Spigglenot on trading rare exports to Lantan.


M’har has made a personal enemy of Bojack Saphirefist when he tricked Marsharr into traveling into the jungle and kidnapping his grandfather. His influence with several members of the Last Laugh guild have probably earned him the animosity of Marsharr as well.


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