Keygan Ghelve

Dead Gnome lockmaker


A wily old gnome illusionist locksmith.


Keygan Ghelve, the gnomish owner of Ghelve’s Locks, was the most talented locksmith in Cauldron. He fell on hard times when his rat familiar Starbrow was taken from him by the skulks inhabiting Jzadirune. He was forced to create copies of skeleton keys that would allow the skulks access to all of the residences in Cauldron who had been Keygan’s customers.

When his involvement in the kidnappings was revealed to Jenya Urikas, she had the gnome arrested and thrown in jail. His appeals that he was only working under duress to protect his familiar were quashed in the face of Jenya’s unyielding prosecution. He languishes in the dungeons still, having been convicted of being an accomplice to the kidnapping of over 30 of Cauldron’s residents.

The Gnomepacks have solved the kidnappings and returned Starbrow to Keygan and he in turn lets them use his shop as their entrance to the underground stronghold Jzadirune where the adventures have made their own personal home complete with workshops, labs, and a library for research.

Update: Keygan Ghelve was known to have trained some of the yuan-ti of Ubtaos Eye in the art of Locksmithing. He may have done this unknowingly. Keygan was killed by assassins trying to eliminate the Gnomepacks and his shop was burned to the ground in the fight. The Gnomepacks are being blamed for his murder and the arson.

Keygan Ghelve

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