Last Laugh Assassin


A lithe young woman with amazing acrobatic abilities and a deadly aim. She has never been observed without her half white and half black harlequin mask so it is unknown what she really looks like underneath.


The gnomepacks met Jill withen an hour of entering Cauldron. The sounds of a few thugs beating up poor Rufus alerted the adventurers to their presence and Jill was standing guard. She let the first pass and leapt down to the straggler Bojack and cut his throat. She was careful to avoid killing him but did put him in a coma for over a month that Jenya had to nurse him back to health. She has been seen a few times since then but always at a distance from the shadows and when the adventurers do a double take she is always gone.


Trials of Chult Torkkinifyen