Jenya Urikas

Dead High Cleric of Torm


Jenya is a handsome woman, 30 years old with brown eyes and premature streaks of gray in her rich brown hair, which she tends to wreak in various elaborate styles. She wears a brown robe with golden trim and the symbol of Torm around her neck. Although she stands only 5’4” tall, she walks tall and confronts evil with merciless resolve.


Her good nature belies her fierce convictions, and she freely supports capital punishment for despicable crimes. Since taking on the mantle of high priestess, Jenya has become less approachable. Of course, her relationship with Polk and the Gnomepacks Adventuring Company remains strong because of their successful retrieval of most of the wands of water control that were stolen during the Flood Festival. She is probably the best ally the Gnomepacks have in the city and although she is on friendlier terms with some of the group more then others, she treats them all fairly. The exception to this is of course the rogue member Grave who has turned the old temple of Kelemver into a church of Cyric. She has officially denounced the Dark Suns church but no reply has been forthcoming. She counts deeds more than words.

Died during the evacuation of Cauldron

Jenya Urikas

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