A Ghost driving a meat covered skeleton made from stardust


Grave.jpgGrave is a human from the barbaric tribes located west of the Dragonmere, specifically The Lightning Steppes. He has the skin texture of a weathered and well traveled human, but his skin color is very pale, as if he has spent the past several years underground. He is in his late 20’s, has long dusty brown hair that is usually kept in a ponytail with several small braids. He has several prominent scars on his face and arms, typical of someone that has spent their life in frequent combat. His eyes are a cold pale blue, almost grey in color. He is very muscular and his build is very sturdy but he is currently gaunt and very thin, almost to the point of being sickly. He has sunken cheeks, deeper eye sockets and appears as if he hasn’t eaten in a very long time or is diseased.

In his current travels, Grave’s companions have seen several behaviors that are very un-human like. Grave doesn’t eat, sleep and apparently can go under water without the need to breath. He also seems to have an uncanny resistance to poisons and some types of magic. It has become clear that he is a worshiper of the evil god Cyric and usually prays and meditates to his god daily. Several members of the party are on the verge of realizing his true form: a Gray Ooze inhabiting the shell of a Flesh Golem…for there could be no other explanation for the strange things that have been witnessed!



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