Baltus "Oddball" Kree

Human Monk/Hobo


Oddball is human although quite short. In addition he is very bulky and muscular. Some would say he looks like a tall Dwarf. This does not detract from the fact that he looks like a bum. Yes, I said it……a bum. He has wild dark brown hair to go with his wild beard which probably has things living in it. He wears a gi similar to other monks, His forearms, wrists, knuckles, shins and ankles are wrapped similar to a mummy. He wears simple sandals on his feet. Over all of this he wears a ratty cloak which covers most of his body. The cloak looks as if it was drug through the gutter and smells worst. The smell is somewhere between donkey piss and dog vomit. The only other distinguishing physical feature is the tattoos. Some have noticed what looks like a large centipede tattoo’d around the base of his neck and a dragon’s head along both sides of his jawline. Those “lucky” enough to see him without his gi on would see a crab tattoo’d on his stomach. These tattoos tend to glow from time to time just before he does something wacky.

He is OK in a fight. He moves extremely fast. When he goes into a flurry of punches, its as if his fists are blurred which is nothing compared to his feet when running at full speed.

What little he has related about his past brings him much pain to recall. He seems to be your typical street urchin who got caught up with a group of adventurers. He can get the job done, even if he is a little “odd”.Baltus “Oddball” Kree


Baltus "Oddball" Kree

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